stucco effect pastes

The stucco or snow effect shows a property feature not in use up to now in the field of decorative pastes - a swelling of the paste after its spreading onto the substrate.
By means of this process, it becomes dead easy to conjure up soft winter landscapes with perceptible snow heights.
The stucco effect is available in 35 different basic hues, which can be mixed with each other at any ratio to yield countless new shades.
main application fields:
- modelling
- structuring and shaping of paintings

transparent paste
additional effects
gloss effect pastes


The first research project of Dekorlacksysteme has been the development of a fully transparent and, at the same time, highly shear thinning paste for inner decoration, allowing for the exact creation of 3-dimensional structures. With the finally resulting outlining paste, even bridgings can be generated, and paste strings can be wrapped round each other.

Pseudoplasticity is characterized by high paste steadfastness, combined with low application viscosity. Steadfastness guarentees for an annealing process free of levelling out. This way, relief patterns and other fine shapes remain unchangedly visible in the dry ornament. On the other side, professional paste processability is provided by the low application viscosity, because only at low and stable working pressure, the paste can be funneled through narrow nozzles without considerable string widening. And not until this prerequisite is accomplished, fine relief strucures can be brought onto the substrate surface. High shear thinning also prevents from paste flow out of the nozzles after removal of the working pressure.

All outlining pastes of Dekorlacksysteme are water based and do not have a flash point. Hence, protection measures against fire are not required before use. Since recently, the low odor pastes are almost free of any organic solvents and hence are not classified as water polluting substances.

The pastes dry physically at ambient conditions. Forced drying can be effected at temperatures up to 60 °C.

Strongly characetristic for the quality of transparently dyed formulations, is their lightfastness. Whereas stability to irradiation is not of elevated importance for christmas ball decorations, it becomes a decisive factor when it comes to arts and crafts. Therefore, all transparent pastes offered by Dekorlacksysteme in this field, have successfully passed irradiation tests, carried out by an independent test lab, assigning them lightfastnesses of at least 7 under DIN EN ISO 4892-2B Zyklus 6 (2006) conditions.

All outlining pastes are free of air bubble inclusions. Air bubble removal is not only necessary, in order to guarantee for clear appearance of the transparent types but, moreover, another unconditional requirement for continuous and clean paste application of all, not only the transparent, pastes; for air inclusions lead to to an interruption of the paste flow, and cause incompleteness of decors.

The transparent formulation also serves as basis for the other glossy effects "opaque", "bronze", "glitter", "pearl sheen", "metallic" and "fluorescent-phosphorescent", which therefore exhibit the same processing properties as the transparent pastes.

designed by andrej kulakowski