stucco effect pastes

The stucco or snow effect shows a property feature not in use up to now in the field of decorative pastes - a swelling of the paste after its spreading onto the substrate.
By means of this process, it becomes dead easy to conjure up soft winter landscapes with perceptible snow heights.
The stucco effect is available in 35 different basic hues, which can be mixed with each other at any ratio to yield countless new shades.
main application fields:
- modelling
- structuring and shaping of paintings

transparent paste
additional effects
gloss effect pastes

Processing from Pens


The dosing pen (available from 30 mL to 80 mL) represents the fastest and easiest way to start working with the outlining paste.

Application is effected manually, which is still the most convenient way to work with structure pastes among industrial designers.

The tailor made nozzle inside the closing itself guarentees already for clean design and enables the shaping of filgrane structures.

Uptsrokes with varying and defined string widths can latterly be achieved, if a suitable adapter set developed for the employment of dosing needles with luer lock threads is attached to the pens.

On desire, any color, except the glitter effect, can be filled into tubes, whereby a minimum order quantity of 10 pens has to be taken into account.





designed by andrej kulakowski