stucco effect pastes

The stucco or snow effect shows a property feature not in use up to now in the field of decorative pastes - a swelling of the paste after its spreading onto the substrate.
By means of this process, it becomes dead easy to conjure up soft winter landscapes with perceptible snow heights.
The stucco effect is available in 35 different basic hues, which can be mixed with each other at any ratio to yield countless new shades.
main application fields:
- modelling
- structuring and shaping of paintings

transparent paste
additional effects
gloss effect pastes


farbenDekorlacksysteme produces steady pastes for decorative application.

Based on a fully transparent, colorless base formulation free of air inclusions, the classic outlining pastes (transparent and "further effects") are obtained upon dying and pigmentation. They exhibit numerous effects, demonstrate outstanding gloss and impress with the unique sharpness of their line structures. The latter enables, besides the drawing of exact fine structures, also the possibility of 3-dimensional shaping.

The outlining paste adheres on substrates such as wood or cork, metals and alloys, polar synthetics, even stone, but especially on glass.

Since already several years it is employed by industrial decorators of christmas balls. New fields of application are arts and crafts, as well as hobby decoration. Here, ease of accessability and comfortable processability are required. Filling the paste into handy dosing pens and collaboration with a distributor guarentee for that.

High gloss is of prediminant importance for several industrial paste applications. This requierement is fulfilled by a new high gloss formulation, which newly adds to our product assortment.

An outlining paste appearing in "stucco" type optics is a further novelty of Dekorlacksysteme. It is based on an opaque and matt formulation, thus completely different from all the other pastes.

Continuous development will assure for future implementation of more innovative new product lines.


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