stucco effect pastes

The stucco or snow effect shows a property feature not in use up to now in the field of decorative pastes - a swelling of the paste after its spreading onto the substrate.
By means of this process, it becomes dead easy to conjure up soft winter landscapes with perceptible snow heights.
The stucco effect is available in 35 different basic hues, which can be mixed with each other at any ratio to yield countless new shades.
main application fields:
- modelling
- structuring and shaping of paintings

transparent paste
additional effects
gloss effect pastes


hochglanzeffektInsufficient brilliance of the gold shade bronze effect pastes in some applications, was the simple reason for the development of pastes with improved gloss.

Suitable modification of the transparent base formulation overcame this problem. The high gloss effect paste demonstrates gloss grades that usually are accessible only with thin lacquers, where the pigment orientation on the surface, which is responsible for gloss formation, can easily proceed.

However, the gloss effect pastes show another attractive deviation from the properties of the classic transaprent outlining paste: slightly changed viscoelastic behavior leads to improved flow properties, when it comes to the creation of curved ornaments.

The extremely high steadfastness and pseudoplasticity of the classic outlining paste usually leads to a reflection of even slight deviations from a clear curvature in the final design, which affords very exact and concentrated work. But, the high gloss effect pastes can be directed much easier to yield softly curved structures and level out small inaccuracies.

Meanwhile, the high gloss effect is available in numerous standard hues. On demand, color matching as well as viscosity adjustment can be effected.

designed by andrej kulakowski