stucco effect pastes

The stucco or snow effect shows a property feature not in use up to now in the field of decorative pastes - a swelling of the paste after its spreading onto the substrate.
By means of this process, it becomes dead easy to conjure up soft winter landscapes with perceptible snow heights.
The stucco effect is available in 35 different basic hues, which can be mixed with each other at any ratio to yield countless new shades.
main application fields:
- modelling
- structuring and shaping of paintings

transparent paste
additional effects
gloss effect pastes


gipseffektOriginally, the stimulus to develop the stucco effect, was born from the impossibility to work out a mat outlining paste from the transparent base formulation, without severely weakening their property profile.

A particular property of the finally emerging new paste is that it comes up, proves similar to a yeast dough upon spreading. This causes unique voluminosity as well as an extraordinary soft surface appearance, resembling stucco or snow. The soft (S) variant levels out sharp edges during the annealing process.

Dried as well as still humid it acts as a diversily usable subsoil structure for paintings, since all convenient artists' paints adhere on it. Furthermore, if applied from cartridges or tubes equipped with nozzles of medium diameter, the soft stucco paste enables to create fine ornaments on, e. g., christmas balls.

Generally, both stucco effect paste types are easily applied with spatulae and subsequently stretched and thinned out in order to yield the desired shapes or structures.

The stronger, harder type of the stucco effect (H) was additionally designed for sharp, squared structures and 3-dimensional modelling. When applied in layers, crack-free surfaces of up to 3 cm thickness can be obtained, which, after completed drying, can be worked on with knife, saw, driller and abrasive paper. Hence, the tougher stucco effect suits best for modelmaking, relief and sculpture creation.

Both stucco effects are available in 35 different base colors, that can easily mixed with each other to give new shades.

designed by andrej kulakowski